Internet Dateing.

I think I am a internet taunter or whatever. The main reason for this is because I have acctually only ever been on 2 internet dates. Yet because I am a bit lonely and don’t really have a sex partner at the moment, I find myself sending and receiving lots of naked pictures. 

Another thing that is corisponding with this is that my masterabation levels have jumped up a lot.

Is it weird that I am kinds finding stasis in this, like obvs i would like to be fucking but i just seem not to be able too… It’s been fucking a year though….

I guess I have a small problem, but again, wtf can one do, I’m working my ass off and at least, even though this is a bit fucked up and twisted, I am having virtual sex.

What are your opinions on this? Single 20 something year old males and females?

Are you fucking? Are you “keeping yourself happy”? Or are you just kinds catetonic. 



Why is a lack of attention soo horible, or is it just me being “over-sensitive”… I have emotions I feel them like I feel them, god, anyway.

Ive been working basicly 70 hour work weeks the past 3 weeks. So obvs I am tired and adjusting. 

Now I understand that other people also have their own shit going on, but in life its important for me to have balance. I always try to be as supportive as I can, I listen I learn, I bend my ways, but he just doesn’t  care.
Fuckit Im just gonne msg the poes and ask the fuck. 


My boss came to me like 5 days ago and kaked me out because I did another interview. He went on to say “in my opinion, I think your a hippy” asif that is an insult. 

I just kinda stood there, me a sexy 21 year old, next to this 2m long ,fat, drunk, idiot, flabber gasted with his delusions. 

Ive been busting my ass for his second tier company for two weeks, dressing nicely and all that, and he walks up to me and calls me a hippy, (I didnt find it insulting, but I knew what he ment by it).

Anyway, now the cunt wants a letter of comitment, and a bunch of bullshit im not gonna give to then, they under pay and over work me, im not commiting to shit. 

People complaining about being horny.

Christ in a cup, one of the most iritateing things on this planet is when a person (whom is not unattravitve) complains about strugleling with their sexual urges.

Good god man, go fuck a woman or something, its not asif the things are not out their wearing short skirts and asking for it (sorry ladies we love you but you have all become whores, not even speaking about all the gay men out there)

Now me, I have slept with a few people (like 4) and I enjoy sex when it comes along, but Ive never really gone out looking for it, or strugled with urges, it comes and it goes. 

I dont know…its a bit old school for me to still be soo under the control of your dick, your suppose to be able so see life clearly, and without constantly being obsessive about one or in some cases two things. 

Like I have said in previose additions, in bi and even though I am bi, I still dont think fucking everything is smart. I dont have idiotic ideologies that sex is a majestic thing supposed to only be done in marrige, but jae.
Just had to vent 

Its been a while

I have now been a slave to the system for about 2 weeks. 

I feel drained of creativity and energie, yet I find some enjoyment in my mundain life.

The job stimulates the perfectionist in me (although I hate that guy) and it allows me to be in control of people and things (I manage a restuarant). 

I hope to give you guys something intresting soon. 


Soo I finaly found a job. I am now working as a restuarant manager for this semi-common place fairly close to where I live soo all is semi well. I work 16 hour shift and I earn say around $500 pm. Whoopy. 

I do still hope I get the cruise ships, and I still want too go travel. 

How does it feel to have poeple that are sexually attracted to you? 

I am not a virgin. Lets get that out of the way right of the bat. I just sometimes wonder how the “man-whores” (what we other men like to call the lucky guys) can get laid at the push of a button, and then people like me, who in not unattractive, seem to strugle their dicks off. 

My my best friend / man crush, is like this, he has like 5 girls always ready to fuck him, he is currently on a clean streak from having sex…because he feels it got out of hand!! OMG…being a bitch much? 

Anyway, I guess my main problem is that I have strugles with going on dates and so forth because I kinda feel like I would “Cheat on” Jim, my best friend, because although he has a strick “no-sex” rule, we are basicly in a high fucntioning super emotional commited relationship. 

This above mentioned fact is a very big problem for me, because I either need to figure a way out to fuck this guy, or I probably need to get out of the friendship, and I don’t really want to do that. So I am kinda fucked. 

I got abit side tracked, my point is why are all people not bi sexual? Like I know the whole “we have to repopulate and thus being gay is wrong” but god dammit, I don’t want too marry a man, I just want to have some good old school fucking SEX!! Its litrally the best time past? Why not? “Uhm what are we gonna do now, man?” “I dont know lets fuck?” Boom clothes off have some rocking sex for 2 or 3 hours and go smoke a joint and play some call of duty? 

Is that too much to ask? If you have ever experimented with the same sex, you know its fun, and enjoyable? Yes its awkward at first, and what what but christ…He can cry (Littrally) on my shoulders…but no sex…

Anyway, if anybody in the world actually reads this, lemme know what you think!👇✍