People complaining about being horny.

Christ in a cup, one of the most iritateing things on this planet is when a person (whom is not unattravitve) complains about strugleling with their sexual urges.

Good god man, go fuck a woman or something, its not asif the things are not out their wearing short skirts and asking for it (sorry ladies we love you but you have all become whores, not even speaking about all the gay men out there)

Now me, I have slept with a few people (like 4) and I enjoy sex when it comes along, but Ive never really gone out looking for it, or strugled with urges, it comes and it goes. 

I dont know…its a bit old school for me to still be soo under the control of your dick, your suppose to be able so see life clearly, and without constantly being obsessive about one or in some cases two things. 

Like I have said in previose additions, in bi and even though I am bi, I still dont think fucking everything is smart. I dont have idiotic ideologies that sex is a majestic thing supposed to only be done in marrige, but jae.
Just had to vent