My boss came to me like 5 days ago and kaked me out because I did another interview. He went on to say “in my opinion, I think your a hippy” asif that is an insult. 

I just kinda stood there, me a sexy 21 year old, next to this 2m long ,fat, drunk, idiot, flabber gasted with his delusions. 

Ive been busting my ass for his second tier company for two weeks, dressing nicely and all that, and he walks up to me and calls me a hippy, (I didnt find it insulting, but I knew what he ment by it).

Anyway, now the cunt wants a letter of comitment, and a bunch of bullshit im not gonna give to then, they under pay and over work me, im not commiting to shit. 


Its been a while

I have now been a slave to the system for about 2 weeks. 

I feel drained of creativity and energie, yet I find some enjoyment in my mundain life.

The job stimulates the perfectionist in me (although I hate that guy) and it allows me to be in control of people and things (I manage a restuarant). 

I hope to give you guys something intresting soon.