Why is it that we live in a world where people feel more convertoble sharing their feelings online and with psycologist than our frieds. Especially people from 1ste world counties such as the US and Europe?

Why is it that I can’t have tattoo’s and still have a corporate job? 

Why isit that we live in a world where attractions is controled and certian forms of it frowned upon? 

Why isit that goverment gets to have a say in well anything? Why can’t we just have a app where every big decision that they make we have to vote for first? Not the senate not the house of representatives ,us?

Why do we still follow the rules? 

Why can’t I have a police officer to arrest me that works for the party I voted for? Why do we allow fat, dumb, lazy people to join the police? Why is police training only 6 months long? 

How come I have too get 60% avg in high school to go study? When the school system is soo boring and mechanical you learn almost nothing you cant learn in random converstation? I have too pay for university if I turn out too be to dumb for it, then its my loss? 

Why do we worship people? And celebrities, that shape our culture in bad bad fucking ways? 

If you have awnsers to any of my questions please leave them in the comments below? 



Fuckit : The start of every great story.

We use fuckit before the start of every great story most of us have, we’ve all seen the 9gag images and we’ve all done drugs. This is why I believe the Fuckit mentality is a good one too have.

As you can read in my Bio, I am bi, I said fuckit just before I slept with another man for the first time, and god help me I’ve never looked back. 

Sex is fun, sex with the same sex is fun, we all should do it in my eye and fuck anybody who tells you its “wrong”. 

I do have a small problem with gay men and woman who say that they are not turned on at all by the oppisite sex but we’ll leave that for another day. 

DRUGS! All though there are some drugs that you just shouldn’t take (i.e heroin, meth some russian drug called krokodil and so forth) most of them are fun and also in reality and if taken in moderation harmless. 

Ive had great experiences with drugs (Ive had a few bad ones as well) and every single time the trip wears off I sit there thinking WHY THE FUCK DID THEY TELL ME IT WAS BAD. 

Going on random vacations or moving to other countries is also something I have used “fuckit” for, and although it ends up a really bad mess sometimes, you always come back with great memories, new friends, and a understanding of a new culture.

I mainly wrote this because Im still waiting at the casting thing for the sence we have too start too shoot, but thats my 2 cents on fuckit. 
Tell me what you have done after a fuckit in the comment 👇