Job seeking.

Probably the shitest thing to do is to acctually walk into companies and go ask for work. The level of rejection is crazy. 

I have spent the last 2 weeks actively looking for work, and it seems that nobody is hireing or you have to have a degree or at least 5 years experience. 

I don’t have a degree, because unfortuantly if I could afford one, I wouldn’t be looking for a sales jobs. I have experience but like I said nobody is hireing. What is a man to do? 

I thought about selling my body, but I feel I am not quite there yet. I tried useing my skills (Photography and Web Design) to work for myself, but people will rather use huge companies where there is no personal touch than give a brother a chance.

Our goverment has created a system where if your a white young male form the “lower” middle class you will fail and it sickens me to my core. Im hardworking, Im loyal, Im smart and experienced, but because of the BEE law companies have too hire previocly disabled people…

Its been 22 FUCKING YEARS!!!!! My generations had nothing to do with Apartheid yet we still suffer? Why am I suppose to pay for my “fathers” sins. And even worse than that I grew up in a liberal home, we are not raseist, my father was called Mandela in University due to his public disaproval of the Apartheid reigime. To put it into perspective for American or European readers, it would be like calling somebody Bin laden, Cuz the goverment considered him a terrorist as mush as yours considered Bin Landen a terrorist. 

Now 20 years later the young black population are burning down universities, saying we have “white privilage” and they want free education…I have no privilage, I cant find a job, my parents can’t afford university, I dont have a car, and Im generally poor. I had nothing to do with apartheid and I am not raceist.

I believe in equal right, not special rights, and if you think you have the right too burn down universities because you want free education YOU desirve to be exieled from this country!

Kinda beside the point I know. But I had too make this point. I hope too find a job soon, other wise my contribution to the world will be mute and I will be forced too end this iritation we call fucking “life”

Tell me your strugles, and what you did to start find a job, cuz clearly in not doing it right? 👇


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